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Pfingstcamp 2013*: "Start with nothing, fail with all"


*Whitsuntide Camp 2013

Every year, Linksjugend ['solid] Sachsen (Left Youth ['solid] Saxony) organizes an open, political and cultural meeting, lasting several days: the Pfingstcamp. In 2013 it's the 15th anniversary and the second time in Doksy, in the czech republic. But this year we got the whole area of the camp. This place is needed indeed, because the number of participants 5 increased continously and got the all time peak of 450 in last year. So, with you there'll be even more different people who experience a long weeked with lectures, workshops, concerts and all the frills besides.

Bands & Artists

2 limited, Jonn Dark, L|Allure, call me lolita, N!NZE & Okaxy Syndicat!, Flasche & Beton, Die BlumentoPferde, acid.milch&honig, Unfug, DJ Lutz, Leeres Glas Vodka, Einheizfront, Der Teubling and more will invite for a dance and let your legs move. But also before and after the concerts, this weekend should be an unforgettable one for all.

Some lectures

Antifascist Action - Story of a antifascist movement, never ending story: Extremism (clause), Kick it like roter Stern, Climbing Workshop, Heitmeyer and the german conditions, psychedelic music culture, lecture about racist police violence, introduction in criticism of labour, Sew- and Stencilworkshop, Eventmanagement Of speakers, bunkers and flying birds, Vodka workshop, Movieworkshop "Tarantino would've fired", Handling with psychich and physical (drugs) emergencies, Disposal of residents, apostates and politcal enemys residue-free, And Bob's your uncle - or what about sexism?, Drugs and sexual assaults, alternative traffic-concepts, clown workshop, criticism of the state and extra-parlamantary opposition, Psychoanalysis as a critique of positivism and anthropology, street-art, No one is illegal - the situation of refugees in saxony, High without drugs - extraordinary states of consciousness only by sound and light, What is queer? - An introduction, Human Rights - their evelopment and criticism, PR Work: How to do a good press release, Presentation of the book: "Step by step into paradise" Guide to Freedom?, Introduction in station gastronomy with a railway technical background and much much more.

If you wan to satisfy your curiosity now, our website could be worth a visit. There you'll find more detailed informations about the schedule, which are as usual printed in the program too. But that's not available before the start of the camp.

The Pfingstcamp is nothing without your ideas and diversity. You decide how good and much fun it is. The lectures and workshops are an open process, so you're invited to organize the way it should go. But there are some things, which are not negotiable though: racist, sexist and homophobic thoughts. These are no-go criterias of the Pfingstcamp. Guns and other potential violent things you won't need, so don't bag them. An ID Card or Passport makes sense. Since we like dogs, you should better not expose them to the stress of such a journey. Better leave them at home. And beware: there's a lot allowed in czech republic but that doesn't mean you can import it from germany.

Costs (full board, also vegetarian and vegan)

30 € for accomodation in bungalow

25 € for those who want to sleep everywhere, but not in bungalows (e.g. tents)

60 € for those who can afford.

60 € + X for those, who can afford and like to support other people who can't

12 € for Kids under 12

Unfortunately we need to charge every car with 8 €. But after all you won't get a penalty this way.


666 beds in 2-4 bedded bungalows. Since it was hard to fullfill all rooming wishes last year, we've got a fancy online tool this time. There you can see which beds are already occupied and decide for a place. So you can agree with your friends where you want to sleep in advance.


Every two hours, there are trains going from Dresden to Zittau. There's a transfer from Zittau from 16 to 24 o'clock. If you want to use this transfer, tick it in the registration. Monday you get back to

Zittau 11:00 and 13:30.