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Date: 25th-28th of May 2012

Location: Doksy, Czech Republic

Every year, linksjugend ['solid] Saxony organizes an open, political and cultural camp lasting several days over Whitsun - it's called 'Pfingstcamp'. In 2012  the camp will take place for the 14th time. As in the last year the location is Doksy, Czech Republic. In the past, about 400 people, aged 13 to 55 years, attended the camp annually. And that's how it is going to be this year: you and many other different people will have a long weekend of seminars, workshops, concerts, pleasure and excitement.

This year we are asking in a very direct way: 'Want a bit over?' That means among other things:

More culture, more seminars, more politics, more workshops, more pop, more sea, more fun. And definitely: more bands, such as 'Tapete', 'Gossenboss mit Zett', 'Sorry for the Musik', 'Ohne Gewähr', 'Schokotronic' and 'acid.milch&honig' who will play just for you and make you dance.

But also after and seperate from all these events, the whole weekend 'in the land of the laughing deers' will be an unforgettable one for all participants.

Some seminars:

gender and hierarchies of knowledge, porn workshop, just come (cum) different - criticism of penetration and female sexuality, camp-radio, Saxon Democracy, data security, political development in Hungary, accountancy of associations, camp newspaper, first-aid, discipline in radio communication, climbing workshop, malusion, what's after sex, no nation and crisis, impro-theatre, Europe & crisis, borders of the EU, alternative schoolconcepts, criticism of hedonism, critical consumption from the left - (how) does it work?, reading Knigge: good behavior from A to Z, alternative festival culture, political party radio as leading culture and many more.

If you can't wait for the  'Pfingstcamp' and want to satisfy your curiosity beforehand, just visit our website, there you can find a detailed programm.  At the camp itself there will be also a printed copy of the program.


The 'Pfingstcamp' is based on your diversity and your ideas. You decide how good it actually will be and wether you will enjoy it. The seminars have an open outcome, there will be a lot of space for everything that may arise. But there are some things which are not negotiable: there is no place for racist, sexist and homophobic ideas at the 'Pfingstcamp' - and nowhere else! You won't need any weapons or other potential items of aggression or violence at the camp, so leave them at home.

board and lodging (also vegetarian and vegan food available):

€30 for people who want to spend the night in a bungalow,

€25 for people who want to sleep anywhere else except in a bungalow (e.g. in a tent),

€60 for people who can afford it,

€60+ for people who can afford it and are willing to support others. Participation in the camp should not fail because of money.

€12  for children under the age of 12.

Accommodation: 400 beds in 2-4 bed-bungalows are available. If you want to share a room with someone specific, you should tell us when registering. Otherwise you will take part in the  who-with-whom-tombola :D

Arrival: There is a train from Dresden to Zittau which runs once every two hours. From Zittau there will be a bus shuttle from 4 to 10 pm. If you want to percieve this offer, please tell us when registering. On monday, the bus shuttle will take you back to Zittau starting from noon.

Any other business: 

It is recommended to take your personal ID-card or passport with you. Since we love dogs, we should not expose them to the  stressof such a journey. So leave your dogs at home. Just one additional advice: in Czech Republic a lot of thinges are legal nowadays - But keep in mind: it is still illegal to carry such things from or to Germany!

If you have a pocket radio,it would be nice if you could bring it along.